Conforming to society’s standards


One day I sat down and wondered…why do we eat cereal for breakfast? Why can’t we eat other foods at breakfast time? Why does the fork go on the left and the knife on the right? Why is a suit considered formal attire? And the only answer I could come up with…was convention.
Next time you do something, ask yourself:  “Am I doing it because I want to, or because it’s what society tells me to do?”
Perhaps there’s an afterlife, but I’m not taking my chances.

Don’t care about what people think. Don’t waste it working in a job that doesn’t make you happy. Don’t put off all those things you want to do for when you retire. You might not even make it to retirement. Live your dreams whilst you are young. Travel. Explore. Love. Live. Have stories to tell your grandchildren.

Citeste si...  Don't worry that you are worrying

Live a life that people would want to write about.
It can be scary being different. But don’t measure your own life by what other people are doing.
Let’s get one thing straight, living your dreams doesn’t have to be expensive.

Another great thing about happy people don’t care for is:

8 . Conforming to society’s  standards
Just like age, there’re a lot of labels out there that try to define who we are. Expectations are always thrown at us and it can be pretty overwhelming at times.
Happy people don’t care for any of that. They take time their time. They look within and do what they want in life.
This is how happiness is created: not doing things you don’t care for.

With love,


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