Don’t worry that you are worrying


Worrying  and complaining are vicious circles.
Don’t worry that you are worrying. Our minds are reactive: judging and comparing, liking and disliking, clinging and condemning. As long as we’re identified with these judgments and preferences, wants and aversions, our minds are continually thrown out of balance, caught in a tiring whirlpool of reactivity. Are you changing the situation by complaining? Or just going in vicious circles?


It’s much more rational to realise we can not change what has happened and worry of what could happen, well, simply hasn’t. So we can only flow with what is now. Leave the mind alone, and it will quiet itself. Overthinking to fix the problem is like trying to smooth out a wave with a flat iron. Or trying to swim by grasping onto water – you only end up making more of a mess and drowning. Let go, let be, and then act. It’s not a passive approach, it’s active.

Citeste si...  Who you are

From this point of view, the 6th thing happy people don’t care for is:

Complaining is the result of an unhappy life. Sometimes things don’t go your way. You can’t escape that.
But complaining is useless. Happy people know that. They’re instead, grateful for what they have and then they try to find the solution with a positive mindset.

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