Happy people don’t care


DON’T CARE! Be Reprobable!

Humans are amazing, though; we adapt, we heal, we are capable of growing stronger.
When we acknowledge that changes, challenges, and hardships are there to deepen us, to remind us that we do get second chances, and that we are each made up of love, compassion, and healing, something remarkable happens.


With this new awareness, I decided Reprobable to be born. Don’t care about stuff, don’t care about people who aren’t happy, CARE yourself! DON’T CARE other’s happiness, CARE yours!

When we take the time to re-connect with ourselves, replace our fears with trust, and learn to let go of the things we cannot control, this is taking care.
When we listen to our intuition, embrace all of our imperfections, and stay authentic to who we are, this is taking care.
When we ground ourselves in the present and make mental space to find clarity, this is taking care.
When we discover our interior barriers and find courage to dissolve them, this is taking care.
When we learn to be gentle with ourselves, this is truly taking care.
When is the last time you acknowledged the feelings that are asking for your attention? How do you take care of yourself from the inside out so that you can fully experience life?

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Third thing on our list where we are talking about happy people DON’T CARE for is….


“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.
Brilliant quote.
Ever had to deal with an annoying friend or somebody who’s just really self-destructive?
Dump them. It’s time to create a positive environment for yourself.
Happy people gain happiness from the people they are with and not just from within. This is an amazing life hack that most people overlook. If you’re feeling unhappy, take a look around. Sometimes it’s the people that are just dragging you down.

Be Reprobable!

With love,

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